Antique Panel

The Signature Collection

Antique Panel, made in two large sizes, comprises nine sections with painted border, decorated with rosettes, can be hung singly or in groups of two or three for dramatic effect. The border comes in 8 standard colours and three textured finishes and also can be made with an all gilded silver or gold frame to great effect.

46 “ h x 36” w
60” h x 47” w
66” h x 54” w
72” h x 48” w
Glazing pattern A is standard, glazing pattern B elongates the style Custom sizes available

TOP STANDARD BORDER COLORS: Taupe, ebony, ivory and limestone

OTHER STANDARD BORDER COLORS: French blue, moss green, saffron and Venetian red

BORDER FINISH OPTIONS: gesso (replicating the relief surface of aged plastered pieces), porcelain crackle (a fine hairline with no relief) and random crackle (antiquing effect simulates ageing varnish)

MIRROR FINISHES: antique mercury (hand made), antique mirror and clear mirror

GILDING OPTIONS: antique silver, antique silver with gold glaze, tarnished silver, distressed tarnished silver (over wood stain), antique gold and tarnished gold,

SHOWN HERE: glazing pattern A, taupe random crackle, antique gold gilding, standard antique mirror.

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