The Signature Collection

Bailey, noted for its centre oval and mirrored frame, is unique, very versatile and suitable for customization to suit any need. It was inspired by the blending of several classic mirror concepts and named for renowned Canadian designer Stephen Bailey.

Our unique Bailey can be customized to suit any need. Examples that have been very successful are antique mirror borders with a clear mirror centre, or subtly graduated hand applied antique mercury mirror throughout. When executed in all clear mirror it gives the appearance of a stylized Venetian mirror.

46” h x 37” w
58” h x 47” w
87” h x 52” w
Custom sizes available

MIRROR FINISHES: antique mercury (hand made), antique mirror and clear mirror

GILDING OPTIONS: antique silver, antique silver with gold glaze, tarnished silver, distressed tarnished silver (over wood stain), antique gold and tarnished gold.

SHOWN HERE: hand made antique mercury, shaded to a clear centre, with antique gold gilding

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