Pied a Terre

The Signature Collection

Pied à terre is a square mirror with a chamfered mirror frame. The angle reflects different views of the room and refracts light in many ways. Originally conceived for smaller spaces, but also available in much larger sizes.

The design idea comes from a French word pied-à-terre for a small living unit usually located in a large city some distance away from an individual's primary residence. It may be an apartment or condominium. The term pied-à-terre implies usage as a temporary second residence, either for part of the year or part of the work week, by a person of some means.

Diane Watts took the notion of a smaller second home and designed this mirror for smaller spaces, and it works very well in our standard sizes. However, we've made it in larger sizes as well to great effect.

36” h x 36” w
42” h x 42” w
46” h x 46“ w
Custom sizes available

MIRROR FINISHES: antique mercury (hand made), antique mirror and clear mirror

GILDING OPTIONS: antique silver, antique silver with gold glaze, tarnished silver, distressed tarnished silver (over wood stain), antique gold, tarnished gold, antique bronze and antique copper

SHOWN HERE: antique mirror with tarnished silver gilding

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