The Signature Collection

Diane Watts' defining mirrors

Five mirrors designed by Diane Watts have become top sellers in all markets and comprise The Signature Collection.

Antique Panel, comprising nine sections with a coloured frame, decorated with rosettes, can be hung singly or in groups of two or three for dramatic effect.

Bailey, noted for its centre oval and mirrored frame, is very versatile and suitable for customization to suit any need.

For dramatic impact and an instant focal point there’s the Deco Octagon. This octagonal mirror looks fantastic when paired with another octagonal motif. The overall effect is classic and magnificent.

Pied à terre is a square mirror with a chamfered mirror frame. The angle reflects different views of the room and refracts light in many ways. Suitable for smaller spaces but available in any size.

Tuxedo is a tall rectangular mirror with elegant detailing. It harkens back to olden days when mirror pieces were only available in small sizes and here three pieces are joined to amplify the antique effect.

These five mirrors are available in our palette of 8 paint colours, three mirror finishes and eight gilding options, and in any custom size.

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