The Signature Collection

Tuxedo is a tall rectangular mirror with elegant detailing. It harkens back to olden days when mirror pieces were only available in small sizes and here three pieces are joined to amplify the antique effect. The borders can be made in contrasting mirror or colored glass to astonishing effect.

When the designer or client is looking for elegant simplicity for both traditional and contemporary interiors, this is the mirror, which never overpowers.

The design was inspired by an antique mirror hanging in Diane's family home in Yorkshire, England.

60” h x 32” w
36” h x 24” w
Custom sizes available

MIRROR FINISHES: antique mercury (hand made), antique mirror and clear mirror

GILDING OPTIONS: antique silver, antique silver with gold glaze, tarnished silver, distressed tarnished silver (over wood stain), antique gold, tarnished gold, antique bronze and antique copper

SHOWN HERE: antique mirror, antique silver with gold glaze finish, border mirror matching the centre mirror

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